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Is Anaghra Raoca hair oil recommended to all hair types?

Yes, it works on every hair type, so anyone looking to hydrate their dry hair or normal hair can enjoy this oil.

Is it best to use hair oil on wet or dry hair?

It can apply on both wet and dry hair, if you want more straight and soft hair apply our     hair oil to wet hair before drying it for optimal results. Or, apply it to dry hair for added shine and softness without the straightening effect.

Can this hair oil be used as a pre-styling primer for heat protection and faster blow-dry time?

Yes, it can be used as a pre-styling primer for heat protection, this hair oil heals split ends and protects hair from all of hot styling tools and shortness blow-dry time.

How many drops of hair oil should be used for all hair types?

It depends on the lengths and types of your hair. Apply 1-3 pumps of oil in your hands and gently apply with the fingertips from mid length to the ends.

What are the benefits of Anaghra Raoca hair oil?

Consistent use of a hair oil can repair dryness and frizz, strengthening hair and nourishing strands so your hair becomes moisturized, soft, and shiny.

What is the deliciated scent of Anaghra Raoca hair oil?

From the delicate scent of Lilium which is slightly sweet and softly floral.