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  Our Founders 

 Tina Tavakoli and Fahaneh Tavakoli


 As sisters, they have always been close, both in their age and their fiercely independent spirit. They experimented together with make-up, fashion, beauty, and hair as teenagers. However, as time went by, they began to notice that years of coloring and heat styling left their hair feeling dry and lifeless.

Inspired to find a solution, Tina pursued a career in hairdressing when she was just eighteen years old. While working as a hairstylist, she realized almost every woman who sat in her chair was looking for the same elusive product that would bring hydration and restoration to her hair. Following this, she pivoted her career and both she and Fahaneh entered into law school, where they graduated with Master in Law degrees.

 Along with their growing career in the legal profession, both sisters retained their passion for beauty and haircare. Tina never forgot the words of the women who had sat in her hairdressing chair, and was inspired to find a solution. Driven by Fahaneh’s encouragement, the sisters once again united in a celebration of beauty, and founded ANAGHRA RAOCA to bring women a range of technology-driven haircare products formulated with only the finest ingredients.

 Born from our founders’ lifelong passion, they wanted to empower women from all walks of life to truly see the beauty of their hair. Meaning “endless light” in the Zoroastrian language of ancient Persia, ANAGHRA RAOCA speaks to the infinite potential that resides within every woman. The brand’s philosophy is based on the belief that all women deserve to have good hair days, every day, and we strive to create superior-quality products that celebrate every woman’s unique haircare journey.

 After years of researching restorative hair products that would deliver the silky-smooth hair they had always dreamed of, they discovered a range of hair products that exceeded their expectations with the perfect blend of ultra-effective ingredients and advanced formulations.

 Packed with a selection of nature’s most powerful ingredients, ANAGHRA RAOCA haircare products are designed to restore your hair to its natural shine and beauty, giving it the multidimensional care it deserves. The next chapter of Tina and Fahaneh’s journey will see them share their passion with women across the globe.